Dial 911 any time there’s a threat to life or property — such as an accident, a crime, a fire or a medical emergency
  • Web-site: UBC Campus Security Tel: 604-822-2222
  • RCMP Detachment at UBC: Tel: 604-224-1322 (non-emergency calls)
Block Watch
(Information about BlockWatch from VPD) BlockWatch sign
  • Participating in Block Watch involves two commitments: a commitment to be concerned about your neighbour’s property as well as your own; and a commitment to act. Get to know your neighbours. Be alert and do not create opportunities for or allow strangers to enter our building. Inquire any stranger you see in our building about their identities or who they are visiting. Call 911 immediately when you see any suspicious activities or persons in our building or in our neighbourhood (RCMP would not mind at all that you call them)
  • Your Block Watch Captain: Jorma Neuvonen (building 1) (Tel: 604-222-0225, Cell: 604-649-9767).
  • Please Note: Block captains are NOT first responders. When you see suspicious activities, contact RCMP (911) first and then report to Block Watch captains by email or phone call.
  • You can find useful security tips on the Vancouver Police Department crime prevention web site.

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