Repair Guide

Responsibilities: Strata or Owner?
The responsibility for repairs are divided between the Strata Corporation and individual Owners. The Strata Corporation is governed by the Strata Property Act, the Strata Property Amendment Act, the Strata Property Act Regulations and the Strata Corporation Bylaws. These various pieces of legislation must be used together. The most important portions for the day to day operation and governance of the Strata Corporation are Parts 4 through 10 of the Strata Property Act. This includes governance, property, finances, bylaws/rules, rentals, insurance, legal proceedings and arbitration.
The components of the Strata Corporation include Common Property, Limited Common Property, Exclusive Use Common Property, Common Facilities and Common Assets.
The definition and boundaries of a Strata Lot are generally the midpoint between walls and ceilings. Common pipes, ducts, wires, cables, services, etc. located in the common walls, ceilings and floors between two Strata Lots are Common Property.
The Common Property owned by the Strata Corporation is everything other than the individual Strata Lots including the Common Areas of the buildings and Amenities Building and equipment as well as the exterior of the buildings and the grounds.
The responsibilities for repairs are described in Section 72 of the Strata Property Act and in the Strata Corporation Bylaws. The Strata Corporation is responsible for the structure and exterior of the building, balconies/patios, doors and windows on Common Property, Common Areas, Common Facilities and Assets.
The balconies/patios are Limited Common Property for the exclusive use of certain Strata Lots and therefore must be maintained by individual owners. Any structural repairs or repairs other than the daily maintenance is the responsibility of the Strata Corporation.
Trades used by the Strata Corporation
  • Electrical: Westech Strata Services (604-588-3000); Norben Electric (604-980-3311).
  • Plumbing: Allied.
  • Mechanical: Allied.
  • Glass: Accurate Glass (604-472-1900).
  • Locksmith: Down Town Lock (604-682-8155).
  • Fire Protection: Fire Pro (604-299-1030).
Trades used by individual owners

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