Logan Lane residents may wish to join the University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA). The UNA is UBC's approximation for a municipal council. The UNA is responsible for local regulation such as animal and parking control, as well as community programs and recreation, elections, landscaping, noise control, recycling, refuse collection, trails. The UNA is also the channel through which residents can voice concerns, opinions and views, and the UNA will help shape future development and the allocation of community facilities.
The Hawthorn Place Residents' Association represents and acts on the concerns and issues of UBC faculty, staff, and community residents in the mid-campus neighbourhood. Residenst in the Hawthorn Place community are welcome to join the HPRA.
The Old Barn Communicty Center was completed in September 2007 and houses the UNA,a coffee shop, an exercise room, meeting rooms, and a play area for children. More information is available on the Old Barn web site.
The UBC Botanical Garden is a short walk away from the mid campus area. UBC faculty and staff and UNA members can obtain a Garden Pass Membership for free that entitles to year-round admission and special discounts.

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