Bylaws and Rules

  • Rule #1: Landscaped Areas [PDF] (adopted by council on March 8, 2006; ratified by AGM on November 8, 2006)
  • Rule #2: Policies for Quieter Living (first adopted by council on July 5, 2006; revised in 2007; ratified by AGM on November 6, 2007)
    1. Noise between units. Please do not place pianos, speakers, etc. against shared walls. If you have hardwood floors, please be aware that noise transfer may be magnified between units. Area rugs can help absorb noise. If playing musical instruments, please keep windows closed.
    2. Quiet Hours. The official policies of UBC and UEL mandate quiet hours after 11PM. We suggest 10PM-7:30AM as hours when neighbours would especially appreciate quiet. Please refrain from using garburators, dishwasher, vacuums, etc. during these hours. If you are planning renovations, please be aware that work hours are restricted to 7:30AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday, and 9AM to 5PM on Saturdays. No renovation work may be done on Sundays and statutory holidays unless specific relief is granted in advance by UBC Properties Trust.
    3. Outdoor Noise. Outdoor noise (patios and park) can be disruptive. Please be conscious of evening noise. For disruptive noise past 11PM, please contact the RCMP at 604-224-1322.
    4. Noise problems. If you receive a noise problem from a neighbour, please consider expressing your concerns directly. If the issue is not addressed adequately, or you are uncomfortable approaching a neighbour, please contact the property manager, Sylvia Brewer, at 604-904-9595.

  • Rule #3, Second-Hand Smoke Policy
    Smoking on patios and balconies and the resulting second-hand smoke interferes unreasonably with the rights of neighbouring owners to enjoy a healthy environment. In consideration of the health hazard caused by second-hand smoke, and following sections 4.1(a), 4.1(c), and 4.1(f) of Strata Bylaw BCS 1419, and in further consideration of the 2008 amendment to the Tobacco Control Act of British Columbia and the no-smoking regulations of the University of British Columbia, the following Rule was adopted and ratified by the AGM on October 28, 2008: Smoking is prohibited in all common areas, including all of the parkade, on limited common property, including all balconies and patios, and within 6 meters of any door, entrance or window.
  • Rule #4, Realtor Signs
    A realtor sign for a unit may be displayed only on the dedicated realtor sign post while the unit is offered for sale and must be removed no later than two weeks after the unit has been sold.
  • Rule #5, Election Signage
    Political lawn signs: In consideration of the restriction imposed by Bylaw Section 42.3 on the replacement of signs, billboards, advertising and placards on common property and limited common property, the Strata Corporation grants permission to display political advertising posters during an election period for a federal, provincial or municipal election (including the University Neighbourhood Association) subject to limitations on location, duration and size.
    1. Political lawn signs may be placed next to an entry gate to a unit in such a way that it can be attributed clearly to that unit.
    2. Political lawn signs may be displayed commencing on the day the election is called, (the writ of the election is issued). Signs must be removed within one week after the election is held.
    3. The height and width of political lawn signs may not exceed one metre.
  • Rule #6 Garage Gate Security
    To prevent unauthorized entry to the building, all drivers must wait until the gate is closed behind their vehicles before entering or exiting the parkade. The drivers in any subsequent vehicles must wait until the gate begins to close before pressing the garage button on their key fob to reopen the gate. This indicates to the proceeding driver that the following driver is a resident of Logan Lane.

Regulations ... are set out in the British Columbia Strata Property Act and cannot be amended.
Bylaws ... provide for the administration of a strata corporation and for control of management, maintenance, use and enjoyment of strata lots. The common property and the common assets require a 3/4 majority vote at the general meeting.
Rules ... address the use, safety, and condition of the common property, not strata lots. Rules require 50% plus one vote at the general meeting in the year in which the rule is adopted by council. Such rules need only be ratified once.

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