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Documents from the 2021 AGM have been posted in the archive section.


We have a new and improved parkade door motor with a new feature that all owners should be aware of: when passing the gate there’s a sensor that once crossed will trigger the door to close immediately. Only one car should enter at any one time.

We also have new signage on both sides of our parkade gate asking that drivers wait for gate to close before proceeding.

Please follow these instructions for improved parkade safety!

Smoking Reminder

The updated Bylaws and Rules for our Strata have been posted on the Bylaws page

Please note the new bylaw regarding electric vehicles & infrastructure, and the new rule regarding garage gate security.
  • Rule #6 Garage Gate Security
    To prevent unauthorized entry to the building, all drivers must wait until the gate is closed behind their vehicles before entering or exiting the parkade. The drivers in any subsequent vehicles must wait until the gate begins to close before pressing the garage button on their key fob to reopen the gate. This indicates to the proceeding driver that the following driver is a resident of Logan Lane.

Please see the notice of change in property manager, effective Oct 1 2020


  • Please see the change in Strata Corporation Insurance Deductibles, effective Oct 1 2021
  • Owners are reminded that having their own home insurance is very important!
  • Water deductible remains at $25,000. Please make sure that your home insurance covers this.
  • Earthquake deductible increased from 10% to 15% (minimum $250,000)
  • Due to the large number of water-related claims on our Strata insurance over past years, the Strata premiums have increased. Please be careful when working around fire sprinklers and always check appliances for any water leaks.

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